Starting at the young age of 13, I have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of languages to help solve some of my community’s greatest problems.


It’s hard to move, it’s hard to be part of a new community.  With today’s ever-changing schedule, it is virtually impossible to plan when you are going to be free.  Don’t you wish there was a beacon you could put out to let everyone know you are free?  That way those around you can join in on your favorite activities.  That’s exactly where Beacon comes in.  Beacon is a way to meet up with friends and friendly neighbors spontaneously when you are free.  With a launch date of 2017 Q2, be prepared to see Beacon on at least one campus in the US.

  • Beacon was created by 4 students, including myself, at The Ohio State University.

  • Beacon was created within 24 hours at the OHI/O hackathon 2016 in Columbus, Ohio.

  • With devices like smart watches and personal assistants, beacon will be able to work by the sound of your voice or the blink of your eye.


In 2009, I started my hobby in coding by learning java through the creation of an automated fishing script.  This script took in hooked variables from the game Runescape and would then perform actions in the game to level up the character.  This is against the game’s rules so you can get banned for doing it.  In recent years, the detection of bots has been much more dependent on human statistics.  With this in mind, I have been working to make my script act as human as possible.  This requires more complex formulas than the simple #.random(int low, int high)

The first fishing script I’ve ever felt safe with + so much work has been put into it and passion I love it good job!


I just wanted to emphasize that YOU are the one setting the bar. I’ve been disappointed in many other premium scripts for one reason or another, and to have found you seems like nothing short of a godsend. As I said before, it isn’t even your script’s performance that impresses me; it is a combination of your design choices and you yourself.


Going to be perfectly honest but if half the other premium scripts get to this level, the ban rates are gonna drop like flies.  Literally botted flat out since the script was released and had no hassle at all ( MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS )

Years of Runtime
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See Some Source Code

It is finally the moment you have all been waiting for. Below is a link to my source code portfolio.  

In the portfolio, you will find a file demonstrating my ability in each language.  A majority of what I do develop, however, is made under an NDA.  This means, unfortunately, that I cannot share more than what is in the portfolio.  If you would be able to sign an NDA please contact me for further code examples.

Source Code Portfolio